Saturday, October 1, 2011

40 Days of Night(mares) Day 40: A MUST SEE Movie for Every Horror Movie Lover

Give this kid a treat.
The must see list for horror film fans is long. But there is a recent film that may have been overlooked. Trick R Treat is more than a horror film, it's actually a compendium of several vignettes spliced together by common happenstances and an over arching subplot consisting of Sam, the spirit of Halloween, doling out his own brand of justice against the offenders of the holiday's customs. Don't smash the pumpkins. Don't take down the decorations early. And so much more. It has a plethora of guest stars ranging from Oscar winner, Anna Paquin to Dylan Baker to the always great Brian Cox.
It has the feel of a television holiday special, but with some good gore, effects, and a less than family friendly vision of the day. Each of the small stories stands well on its own, but the ways they tie themselves together make sit feel less like the Twilight Zone Movie and more like Pulp Fiction. It's a well made, well paced, well shot, well acted and well told story. It has made a huge spot for itself on my annual must-watch Halloween movie list. If you haven't caught it yet, remedy this sad situation immediately. After all, there's only thirty days left until All Hallow's Eve rears it's pumpkin shaped head. That's it for the 40 day challenge. I hope you've enjoyed reading it as much as I have writing it and rewatching these movies. Until the next challenge, happy viewing!

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