Sunday, September 11, 2011

40 Days of Night(mares) Day 20: Favorite Horror Character

By far, this was the easiest of the selections to make. I think anyone who really knows me, knows my answer to this. The hard part was not using up any of his movies previously.
Jason Voorhees, the unstoppable killing machine of Crystal Lake, Manhattan and even outer space is my go to. I jumped on board the franchise early for my age. When the original came out, I was only seven, after all. My first Jason was the awesome performance of Richard Brooker in Part III (in 3D no less). This is the movie that would shape his iconic look. No longer the encephalitic boy, and far from the oddly-bearded, scraggly, mentally challenged, redneck with a bag on his head, he gains his iconic hockey mask, and an indelible image is born.
I like this version of Jason the best. He's not the undead zombie he later becomes. He's still human and feel pain and other human emotions. He's just as bloodthirsty, but seems stoppable.
Yes, it's real.
But for the hardcore Friday fan, we know that the real Jason is Kane Hodder. His Jason is, in a word, badass. Having had the privilege of meeting him, and feeling his grip on my neck, it's not hard to be intimated by them man as much as the character. His is the Jason most people picture when they think of the murderer of Crystal Lake. He is the one responsible for the most memorable kills in the series. The girl in the sleeping bag being swung into the tree. The girl's head smashed into the side of the RV so hard her face is imprinted, and, of course, the flash-frozen head exploded in Jason X. His unstoppable force and imposing figure makes him the best to don the mask.

Suprise, It's me!
Who's that man in the mask?
But, in all the movies, my favorite look for Jason, the sheer size, the mask, the clothes, the brutality, is from Freddy vs. Jason. Notice, I don't say it's my favorite movie, I just think his look in this one is the best.

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