Wednesday, September 21, 2011

40 Days of Night(mares) Day 30: Your Favorite Horror Movie

This fight was reminiscent of Tyson vs Spinks. It was over before most of the participants knew there was a fight. In the horror pantheon, this reigns supreme in my book, and shouldn't be a surprise to anyone who knows me. Honestly, this is the day I have looked forward to the most.
In 1980, on a summer's evening, the world was introduced to Camp Crystal Lake. 30 years later, the Friday the 13th franchise continues to be one of the most successful media franchises in American cinema, as much for it's box office grosses as for its continued licensing and references in popular media. As a whole, the franchise, and more specifically the look of its dominant character, Jason Voorhees, has continued to pervade the fabric of movies, television, comics, collectibles and more.
Of course, in the first movie, Jason isn't the killer and is only shown in a supposed dream sequence. It's a little late for spoilers on a 31 year old movie, but beware...
Jason Voorhees is a hydrocepahalic little boy who dies in a tragic swimming accident while the teenage camp counselors aren't paying attention. That's enough to make any parent mad, but in that time, you didn't sue the camp, so what's a mother to do? I know! Grab your handy kitchen knife, or anything else sharp and at hand, and take revenge on the sex-crazed camp counselors who ignored your drowning little boy while listening to the voice of said son repeat a "kill them mommy" mantra in your twisted head. Sounds reasonable, right?
Anywho, one of the girls, the virginal one, naturally, gets lucky and chops off Mrs. Voorhees's head. Problem solved, right?
Except that for the next 29 years, Jason would keep coming back to exact his unending revenge on anyone dumb enough to come back to Crystal Lake, or Manhattan, or even space (and Elm Street, which is conveniently in a neighboring town).
I personally enjoy all the films, although not at the same level, and will watch them in succession at least once a year. One of my biggest thrills was meeting Kane Hodder, one of the Jasons, and getting his autograph. So, whether it's a little boy in the lake, a demented, scraggly bearded hooded murderous Lenny hermit, or the hockey masked living dead unstoppable machine that is even good freeze dried, I'm in.
Here's their scores:

Friday the 13th (1980)  8/10
Part 2 7/10
3D 8/10
The Final Chapter 7/10
A New Beginning 6/10 (Jason only appears in this as visions/dreams, killings are by a copycat)
Jason Lives 8/10
The New Blood 6/10
Jason Takes Manhattan 6/10
Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday 6/10
Jason X 5/10
Freddy vs. Jason 7.5/10
Friday the 13th (2009) 8/10

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