Saturday, September 24, 2011

40 Days of Night(mares) Day 33: Favorite Slasher Movie

The golden age of the slasher movie was the 80s, but it's finally starting to make a comeback. That's why I chose a modern example for tonight's selection. Adam Green (@ on Twitter) is quickly becoming one of my favorite directors of late. He knows how to appeal to the slasher mentality as well as go for more visceral scares as well. 
Hatchet is a perfect throwback to the old style slasher movie. Add 1 part legend of a killer in a remote area, 1 part a tormented child who grows into a brutal mass murderer, 1 part of people too stupid to not venture out into an area purportedly containing said maniac. Stir together a little sex and violence and make sure your bad guy fits the part (the always impressive Kane Hodder, @KaneHodderKills) and bake into a frenzy with a special appearance by fan favorite Tony Todd, and you got yourself a tasty little treat.
Victor Crowley is an impressive slasher. Strong, deformed, and violent beyond the normal. Hodder, mostly known for being Jason in several Friday the 13th movies, gives an impressive performance. It's good old fashioned gore and splatter and a fun ride. 
On a side note, Green also made a great suspenseful horror entry called Frozen. It's far removed from the slasher style of Hatchet, but will stick with you longer. Friends trapped on a ski lift have to worry about freezing to death and how to get back down, and that's just the beginning.  It's a genuinely terrifying example of how horror movies don't have to have a kill scene every 8 minutes to deliver a great movie.

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