Thursday, September 15, 2011

40 Days of Night(mares) Day 24: Horror Movie Character that Describes You

It's a loaded question to ask which horror character best describes you. I'm tempted to pick the guy stalking the woods with the machete looking for co-ed campers, but that may say more about my personality than I care to throw out there.
Anyway, that's the fantastical choice. In reality, I'd be more like the reluctant hero. Maybe someone with a bit of a snarky attitude, quick with some one-liners and not much of a people person. A guy who tries to be the hero, but occasionally messes it up a bit. And a bit of alright in the looks department too. Handy with a boomstick or a chainsaw. If only there were someone in the horror world who fit that description...
Oh yeah, the one the only (thank God) Ashley J "Ash" Williams. Part braggart, part smart-ass, part steampunk metallurgist, part ladies man, and Deadite killer. One of my all-time favorite actors in one of my-all time favorite roles. Bruce Campbell is the king of delivering the quick-shot one-liners. Even his throwaway lines are hilarious and perfect for his character.
I see a large part of myself in Ash, probably more than I care to admit to, but you can count on him in the final analysis.
On a side note, as a huge Bruce fan, I highly recommend his books. He's witty, smart, and talks honestly about the business of movie making and how a guy with a huge chin made it in Hollywood. Also, check out his directorial debut, "My Name is Bruce." It's funny, and especially made for his fans.

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